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Europages Customer Testimonial: Open Data Initiative with Bime

Europages is a search engine and online directory aimed at European buyers, suppliers, distributors and exporters, Europages links them all together.

Europages accumulates a lot of important statistical data about its 4 million monthly customers - 5 terabytes per year. As part of an open data intitiative Europages wanted to make this data available online, interactive and for free to allow visitors, customers and future customers to consider the possible ROI by industry and by product.

Europages chose to use Bime Cloud Analytics and an example of the dashboards created can be viewed on the Europages website.

French Tech Tour In Silicon Valley

Hello San Francisco !

Bime is one of 15 French start-ups selected to attend by a prestigious panel including French Tech Tour producers Ubifrance, Google, SAP, eBay, Sprint, Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco... to name but a few.

The initiative gathers some of the most promising young French innovation to tackle the US market with a week of showcasing in Silicon Valley.

When ? From 2-8 June. Learn more here

Our New Partner: Skill Of Success

Welcome to our new partner: Skill Of Success.

Skill Of Success is a consultancy based in Florida, USA. Skill Of Success is dedicated to a new generation of business intelligence, delivering business insights through low cost data analysis.

The team lead by Frank Shines have a wealth of analytics expertise, particularly in the health sector and are currently embracing the issue of BigData in the industry. Skill Of Success is a global player counting IBM, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and many more among their clients.

Read more here

Dashboard Of The Month - 'What If' Dashboard

WHAT IF my courier costs doubled, how would this affect my bottom line?

In Bime you can perform predictive analysis. Firstly create a variable, eg. domestic courier cost, define the percent change parameters and start your predictive analysis. Drag the slider in the side panel associated with the variable to immediately see the effects on your dependencies.

Test all the scenarios ! Read in full how we constructed the dashboard and try out our example 'What If' Dashboard.