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BIME Releases Version 4 of Acclaimed Cloud BI Service

This month we are delighted to announce the release of version 4 of our award winning cloud BI service. BIME v4 delivers 10 major updates including an infinitely scalable suite of cloud databases and a connector to Google’s BigQuery service to make sense of terabytes of data in seconds.

BIME now comprises an unmatched set of database choices, data source access (including a new Facebook connector) as well as analysis and visualization options. Read the full press release.

Visualize your Big Data with Google BigQuery & BIME

Scaling a database is hard. Scaling analytical databases is even harder. Google BigQuery offers an analytical database as a service that scales to petabytes of data. It means companies that previously would have needed very large infrastructure and an operational team can now analyze their data with only - and we mean it - a web browser.

As recently announced on the Google Developer's Blog and featured on ReadWriteWeb, Google BigQuery and BIME cut Big Data down to size. The killer combo allows users to create awesome dashboards, processing hundreds of GB of data on the fly, no hard coded SQL queries, everything built with simple drag-&-drop.

Customer Testimonial : Owl IMS transform data into opportunities with BIME

Al Martin, consultancy lead at Canadian consultants, Owl Information Management Services shared his vision for BIME.

"Bime is a wonderful springboard for our customers to easily transition from spreadsheets to insightful, visually impressive analytics. Integration of multiple data sources is painless and scalable both from a capability and cost point of view. Our customers can easily start small and grow big, and have amazing capabilites as they grow."

Read the full testimonial here

Dashboard of the month : Retail Dashboard
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Industry : Retail
Data : Google BigQuery

To demonstrate the power of Google BigQuery and BIME we built 2 dashboards without pre-aggregation or caching. The retail dashboard (left) is based on a dataset which is an anonymized version of a large retailer's ERP data. The dashboard proccesses over 80gbs of raw data in seconds to serve the dashboard.
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