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Impacting your performance profiling with powerful visual messages

"Visitors to the website, especially our academic peers, would like to play with the data and experience the transparency of our performance system, not just look at it"

Displeased with the blandness of his statistics and reports Wilfred Mijnhardt executive director at the Erasmus (University) Institute of Research Managment wanted to bring his data to life. Initially drawn by "the liveliness of the visualizations", Wilfred now produces annual dynamic dashboards using Bime, primarily for their stakeholders but also available through the institute's website.

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Dashboard of the Month - Erasmus Institute of Research Management - ERIM

Example Dashboards: Input, Output & Productivity Dashboards

ERIM use Bime to create interactive dashboards to gain insight into their academic performance and as a performance profiling tool to report back to their partners with up to the minute data.

Industry: Education
Data Source: RDBMS, Various

11 quick and easy tips to light up your dashboard

You've executed some detailed analysis and created some awesome visualizations in Bime which you have saved to a dashboard. However despite the great visualizations the dashboard doesn't look quite right. Luckily Bime is here to help... Click here to view 11 quick and easy tips to get your dashboard looking up to scratch, appealing and easy to use for the end-user.

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And all our best wishes for a wonderful 2012 !

We've had a great year, it was nice to venture down from the cloud to meet some of you at the various events we have attended all over the globe. We have also won a number of awards this year including Best Start-Up at ICT Spring and Best Cloud Application at the Cloud Computing World Series Awards, and we couldn't have done it without the great support we receive.

Many thanks to...
* our customers and partners for their continued confidence
* our readers for coming with us as BI moves into the cloud
* our friends and family
* my wonderful Bime team (Personal message from Rachel)