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Olympic Dashboard - Medals per competitors

Throughout the Olympics we created and updated daily our Olympic Dashboard. The dashboard includes medals information and a treemap visualization showing the number of medals with the size of the team.

This summer of sport has given us the opportunity (and great data) to produce some slick dashboards. Also take a look at our Roland Garros 2012 dashboard showing tournament data for both the men's and women's tournaments this year. We have also just started a similar dashboard for the recently commenced Paralympic Games.

Bonus Sports Dashboard : In-Depth Premier League Football Statistics

Continuing the sporting theme, Manchester City Football Club recently announced they were working with Opta to release a dataset of every event in every game in the Premiership last year. As some of us at BIME are football fans (and of course we also love data) we were delighted! We used BIME to navigate, organize, aggregate and investigate the data to produce a group of dashboards. We have also written an accompanying blog post explaining some of the findings.

Who buys the most champagne?

Who drinks all of France's exported champagne? Does most of it stay in France or get exported? Sit back and enjoy a glass of bubbly (responsibly of course) and take a look at our Champagne Dashboard.

Who are the most frequent Dr Who villains?

It’s not every day you see a data visualization on the popular TV series, Dr Who. Our Dr Who dashboard contains Dr Who villain data from 1963 to 2010, including motivation to end the world… dashboard here.

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