Photo: Joel Peck


Who do you skate for?
Landscape Skateboards, Note, Carhartt, Etnies, Spitfire, Thunder, Supreme, Stella Supply Co. and myself

Who do you skate with on a regular basis?
A gang of skulls and snakes...

Photo: Joel Peck

Why skateboarding?
Freedom, creativity and Damian Davis

What keeps you occupied besides skateboarding?
Cameras, walls, general lurking, party time and drawing… but I'm down for whatever!

Your from Manchester and been about for a bit, any interesting stories from the past?
Too many story's.... Me and Snowy used to skate a fair bit at the gasworks before he became a northern spy down south...  We never really acknowledged it at the time but I would battle him hard... Trying the same tricks n shit the first time I flipped the stairs I'm pretty sure he was already trying it. I got all hyped and went for it too... Maybe he thought I was a knob but I didn't give a shit it just looked like fun so I wanted to session too... Crazy to think we're on the same team now

Who inspired you growing up and why?
My sisters friends were a big influence on me I guess... She worked at a skate shop so all her mates we're skaters, graff writers, DJ's etc and to me that was the coolest shit ever so I just wanted to copy them and do whatever they did.

Photo: Joel Peck

Any dreams or aspirations for the present and future?
Be a bit more like Lemmie from Motörhead!

3 books?
Tao of the Wu… Err just that, It's all u need!

3 films?
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Style Wars

3 skate parts?
Guy Mariano in Mouse
Gino Ianucci in Chocolate Tour
Jb Gillet in Freedom Fries

And last but not least shout outs?
Shouts to the people that help me out with stuff, all my friends and family... Skate forever!

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