Server Takeover!

What happended

This server was fully hacked because the things ODEX are doing are just completly wrong!
So I hacked them due to my deep abominate against this company.

The stupidity of the organisation can not only be seen in the quality of their products or in the disingenuousness of their actions, but also in their skills of web design, compatibility and programming.

You can see that by the fact that the server is now hacked.

Why ODEX is bad

There are lots of articles, why ODEX is bad. As I (luckily) don't have any personal experience with ODEX, please check out the links section to find some good articles about this subject.

Anyways you can trust me that they are bad and evil!

What should you do?

Note: This matter only affects people living in Singapore

Just don't let ODEX get any money from you!
Also don't get catched by the Dogs they hired to detect illegal downloaders - because accusing people is their main income.
At this time they only track BitTorrent users - but there are plenty of alternatives for you. Many fansubbers offer direct HTTP-Downloads or via IRC, but anyway I'd highly recommend to place the downloaded files on an encrypted device.
On Open Software for example on a LUKS encrypted device - under windows you can use Truecrypt.
If you download your files via SSH, for example from a friend living outside of Singapure, there's even no way anyone could see what your downloading.

The future

ODEX sure won't last long (I hope so). As far as I can see from the amount of users buying their stuff, I can predict that they'll end up bankrupt soon.
This would be nice since bad companies shouldn't exist. However it's always up to you. There are plenty of companies which still exist, even if their behaviour is more than wrong (Microsoft to name the worst of them).

Onegai, help boycotting ODEX for the sake of Anime!

And use Open Software for the sake of Freedom!


Need more info?

Just google after ODEX, you will mainly find articles writing about how bad ODEX is.