Podcast: Air Force Falcons Up Next for Sooners

After dispatching of Florida State, the Oklahoma Sooners face a challege of a far different sort this weekend, as the Air Force Falcons venture to Norman for a non-conference tilt. Frank Schwab, Air Force beat reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette, fills Homerism in on what’s in store for OU this weekend.

Frank and I cover:

  • the Cadets’ tricky triple option;
  • Air Force’s big win over BYU;
  • Troy Calhoun’s plan for attacking the Sooner defense;
  • Air Force quarterback Tim Jefferson’s salty play;
  • the health of the Falcons heading into Saturday;
  • Air Force’s stout defensive backs; and
  • the reaction in Colorado Springs to Bob Stoops’ stance on the national anthem.

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