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The deadline for Weekly Update submissions is Noon on Wednesday. Updates are published on Thursdays. Email submissions to Submissions can include anything from photos to race reports and results, etc.

Classifieds for bikes and cycling related gear can be submitted by any SDBC member. Your add will run for three weeks. In the event you have not sold your items at the end of three weeks you can re-submit the ad. Email your classified submissions to Please provide any photos in the original size if possible.

If you are unable to view the Weekly Email Update correctly, you can view an archived copy here. All corrections are also posted to the online version as well.
SDBC Sunday Ride, 6/21

San Diego Bicycle Club
SDBC D2 Route

*** We ROLL at 8:30 *** See route below if you miss us.

41.5 miles complete, 2,720’ climbing with regrouping.

This is the standard SDBC D2 ride, no added bells or whistles. Leaves UC Cyclery at 8:30, led by SDBC ride leader, Java Depot in Solana Beach by 10:30, back at UCC by 12:00.

Bring 2 bottles of fluid, and be ready to roll at 8:30. A group pic will be taken at the top of Highland Dr and sent to you afterwards with ride write-up.

Standardized Route on MapMyRide

Come along & have fun!

Michael Pelkey
SDBC Sunday Ride Leader

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A Note From The Bike Coalition Liaison

SDBC Logo Remember, SDBC membership includes membership in the San Diego County Bike Coalition which includes a number of benefits. See the new coalition website at

Bike The Bay is Sunday, August 23rd:

Safety Tip of the Week:
When you're using the full lane because it's too narrow for safe side-by-side sharing, it's helpful to just glance back and nod at anyone briefly stuck behind you.  That way they know you're not oblivious to their presence, and makes it less likely that they'll get angry and honk, or worse.  Nobody likes to feel ignored, and a friendly acknowledgment can go a long way towards nipping road rage in the bud.

Serge Issakov
Bike Coalition liaison

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A Note from the Velodrome Director

San Diego Bicycle Club  

For all the latest info concerning the velodrome visit the San Diego Velodrome Association web site at 

Victor Hupp
San Diego Velocrome Director

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A Note From the Training Director

D-5 Ride Discontinued

After carefully reviewing the interest and need for a D-5 ride, the ride leaders have voted to permanently discontinue this ride.

Should interest/demand increase, reinstating the ride will be considered.

If you have questions or comments please contact Mike McLaughlin, the Club’s Training Director

Mike McLaughlin
Training Director

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2015 Fiesta Island Time Trial Series
FITTUC Cyclery

The Fiesta Island Time Trial series will resume in September and is open for registration. Check it out on:

  • Sunday, September 27th
  • Sunday, November 15th

UC Cyclery is our series title sponsor, which will provide onsite mechanical support and prizes.

Top six finishers in each category will be eligible to earn points towards series competition. Prizes and awards will be given to series winners at the last race of the season in November.

The registration fee for 20K is $33 for adults, and $17 for juniors. Fees for tandems and 40K are $45. All prices include processing fees. No other hidden charges.

Thanks to all the racers, sponsors, and volunteers. You all make our race a success. Remember please support our sponsors, UC Cyclery , and SDBC . They make our race happen.

We will see you then!

Take care,

UC Cyclery/SDBC Fiesta Island Time Trial Series

Find FITT on Facebook FITT on Facebook
Follow FITT on Twitter FITT on Twitter

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SDBC Racers in Action

CBR Criteririum

Jo Peters on the podium

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Recent Race Results

Year to date - 29 Firsts, 32 Seconds, 45 Thirds, 252 Top Ten Finishes. Results for the last 60 days listed.

CBR Carson Criterium 6/14/2015
Women Cat 4 - Jo Peters - 3rd

Kenda Cup West Series Final Standings 6/14/2015
Men Cat 2 60-64 - Jim Swigart - 3rd
Men Cat 1 40-44 - Michael Farkas - 6th
Cat 1 Men 45-49 - Steve Boyd - 10th
Men Cat 3 Men 19-24 - Matthew Werner - 6th
Men Cat 3 Men 25-29 - Matthew Werner - 10th
Clydesdale 35+ - Noel Tabor - 3rd
Women Cat 2 50+ - Patricia Murray – 3rd

Kenda Cup MTB #7 Big Bear 6/13/2015
Men Cat 1 40-44 - Michael Farkas - 7th
Men Cat 2 60-64 - Jim Swigert - 4th
Clydesdale 35+ - Noel Tabor - 6th

Manhattan Beach Grand Prix 6/7/2015
Men Cat 4 – Anthony Navarra – 2nd
Women Cat 3 - Heather Odom - 8th
Women Cat 4 - Jo Peters - 10th

Adrenaline SoCal Circuit Race 6/6/2015
Men Cat 3 - Logan Bass - 1st
Men Cat 3 - Ben Arena - 3rd
Men Cat 3 - Christian de Groot - 6th
Men Cat 4 - Romain Chassefeyre - 3rd
Men Cat 4 - Anthony Navarra - 4th
Men Cat 4 - Nick Cohenmeyer - 6th
Men Cat 5 - Jared Kukura - 1st
Men Cat 5 - Michael Salvacion - 9th
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Esther Walker - 3rd
Women Cat 3/4 - Esther Walker - 1st
Women Cat 3/4 - Renee Robinson - 3rd
Women Cat 3/4 - Bea Dormoy - 4th
Women Cat 3/4 - Tessa Riley - 9th
Women Cat 3/4 - Pat Murray - 10th

Ladera Ranch Grand Prix 5/31/2015
Men Cat 3 - Mason Turvey - 8th
Men Cat 4 - Anthony Navarra - 4th
Men Cat 5 - Michael Salvacion - 5th
Women Cat 3/4 - Beatrice Dormoy - 3rd

Arizona Track Racing - Sprint Tournament 5/31/2015
Aileen Tran - 1st
Esther Walker - 2nd

Kenda Cup MTB #6 Big Bear 5/31/2015
Women Cat 3 - Pat Murray - 1st
Men Cat 2 60+ - Jim Swigert - 4th

Memorial Day CBR Crit 5/25/2015
Women Cat 3/4 - Renee Robinson - 5th
Women Cat 3/4 - Pat Murray - 8th
Women Cat 3/4 - Jo Peter - 10th
Men 60+ - Jim Swigart - 7th

Barry Wolfe GP 5/24/2015
Women Cat 3/4 - Jo Peters - 10th
Men Cat 4 - Anthony Navarra - 7th

ITT state championships 5/23/2015
Men Cat 3 - Logan Bass - 3rd

Torrance Crit 5/17/2015
Women Cat 3/4 - Tessa Riley - 7th
Women Cat 3/4 - Bea Dormoy - 10th

Cyclo-Vets Super Masters TT 5/16/2015
Men 35+ Cat 4 - Justin Forbes - 1st

Barrio Logan Grand Prix 5/2/2015
Men 3/4 - Eric Geier - 1st
Men 3/4 - Logan Bass - most aggressive ride award winner)
Women Cat 3 - Bea Dormoy - 3rd
Women Cat 3 - Kat Ellis - 6th
Men Cat 4 - Anthony Navarra - 2nd
Men Cat 4 - Dehnis DelaCruz - 4th
Men Cat 4 - Ben Arena - 6th
Women Cat 4 - Tessa Riley - 1st
Women Cat 4 - Pat Murray - 2nd
Women Cat 4 - Casey Cohenmeyer - 7th
Women Cat 4 - Aileen Tran - 10th
Men Cat 5 - Kevin Festini - 3rd
Men Cat 5 - Jared Kukura - 9th
Men 60+ - Fred Nicolet - 7th
Men 11-12 - Julian Munoz - 6th
Women 11-12 - Karely Guiterrez - 3rd

Dana Point Grand Prix 5/3/2015
Men Cat 4 - Dehnis DelaCruz - 2nd
Men Cat 3 - Eric Geier - 3rd
Men Cat 5 - Kevin Festini - 5th
Women 3/4 - Kat Ellis 6th
Women 3/4 - Heather Odom - 8th

Kenda Cup MTB Race Santa Ynez 5/3/2015
Men 60+ Cat 2 - Jim Swigart - 5th

Fiesta Island Time Trial 4/26/2015
Men 35+ - Brian Sammuli - 1st
Men 55+ - Mike Chavarria - 2nd
Men Cat 4/5 - Justin Forbes - 3rd

Farmers Insurance CBR Criterium 4/26/2015
Men Cat 3 - Eric Geier - 1st
Men P/1/2/3 - Edwin Clement - 8th
Men Cat 3/4 - Eric Boarman - 3rd
Men Cat 3 - Gabriel Marocco - 3rd
Cat 5 - Romain Chassefeyre - 1st
Cat 4 - Anthony Navarra - 6th
Men Cat 5 - Kevin Festini - 5th

LA Circuit Race 4/19/2015
MenCat 3 - Gabriel Marocco - 3rd
Men Cat 3 - Logan Bass - 9th

Bakersfield Road Race State Championships 4/18/2015
Women 55+ - Heather Odom - 1st
Women 45+ - Pat Murray - 3rd
Women 45+ - Renee Robinson - 5th
Men 60+ - Peter Dufour - 7th

SD Velodrome Saturday Night Lights 4/18/2015

Omnium 4/18/2015
Men Cat 4/5 - Logan Bass - 1st

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In This Issue

Make sure you take advantage of the huge discount on Fluid - last day to order is Friday, 7/19.

Select a link on the left to see what else is happening in the weeks ahead.

Be sure to check our website and social media pages for more information.

SDBC Weekly Race Results

San Diego Bicycle Club

Last Week - 0 First, 0 Second, 4 Thirds, 11 Top Ten Finishes. Results for the last 7 days listed.

CBR Carson Criterium 6/14/2015
Women Cat 4 - Jo Peters - 3rd

Kenda Cup West Series Final Standings 6/14/2015
Men Cat 2 60-64 - Jim Swigart - 3rd
Men Cat 1 40-44 - Michael Farkas - 6th
Cat 1 Men 45-49 - Steve Boyd - 10th
Men Cat 3 Men 19-24 - Matthew Werner - 6th
Men Cat 3 Men 25-29 - Matthew Werner - 10th
Clydesdale 35+ - Noel Tabor - 3rd
Women Cat 2 50+ - Patricia Murray – 3rd

Kenda Cup MTB #7 Big Bear 6/13/2015
Men Cat 1 40-44 - Michael Farkas - 7th
Men Cat 2 60-64 - Jim Swigert - 4th
Clydesdale 35+ - Noel Tabor - 6th

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SDBC 2015 Club Photo

SDBC Logo Thanks to everyone that made it for the club photo shoot!

We had a great turnout!

San Diego Bicycle Club

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Fluid Team Order


Make sure to take advantage of a team order with deep discounts (40% off retail prices) and get the nutrition you need with huge savings! Hurry up, the special online order starts June 12th and ends June 19th.

Remember to take advantage of the new single packet of performance drinks, perfect for carrying in pocket for refueling on a long ride. They're the only sports drink packet available designed to fill an actual bike bottle.

Fluid is proud to be an official sponsor of SDBC. We make premium electrolyte and recovery drinks to help you stay hydrated, energized, focused, and feeling great again tomorrow. Fluid products are low in sugar, lactose free, gluten free, and made 100% in the USA. Here is a brief product overview:

Fluid Performance - Before/During training & competition

  • Dual Source Energy System for rapid absorption & sustained energy.
  • Bioavailable Electrolytes to prevent cramping, buffer lactic acid, & enhance performance.
  • Great Taste - Blueberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit Tea (contains caffeine), and Fresh Citrus!

Fluid Recovery - After training & competition

  • Whey Protein Isolate for lean muscle growth.
  • L-Glutamine for tissue repair and immunity.
  • Complex + Simple carbs for glycogen replenishment.
  • Great Taste - Tropical Escape, Berry Treasure, Chocolate Wave.
Ordering instructions:
1. Go to
2. Stock up on all your favorite goods.
3. Click "Proceed to Checkout" button.
4. Use code "SDBC" to get your discount.
5. Enter UC Cyclery’s address in the "Ship To" address fields.
8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, Ca 92037
6. Select "Local Pickup SLO" so that you don't pay for shipping.
7. Check out & write "SDBC TEAM ORDER" in the shipping details area.
8. Your Fluid will be available for pickup at UC Cyclery starting June 24th, 2015.

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Red, White, & Brew

SDBC Red, White, & Brew

Join us for an Independence Day Celebration ride and picnic; SDBC Red, White & BREW!

Friday, July 3rd, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Our rides will start from the Karl Strauss Brewery Tasting Room: 5985 Santa Fe St. San Diego, CA 92109 (Just south of the Rose Canyon Bike path.)

There will be two rides; one ride will be a little longer D1 pace and the other will be D3 pace and a little shorter with less elevation. Route slips will be provided - the route will be published soon.

Wear your SDBC kit or bring your SDBC membership card - All SDBC members will receive 10% off at the Tasting Room. Picnic is free to members and $10 for non-members.

We are asking for participants to RSVP at the SDBC Facebook events page or by sending an email to (To plan the picnic.)

Also, a few volunteers are needed - please help out by signing up at the link.

Pat Murray
Special Events Director

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SDBC Business Cards

SDBC Business Card now available

Click for larger image

Our new up-to-date business card covers all the bases: our website, indication that we are a racing club, yet also offer rides for everyone; info on both Saturday and Sunday Rides, as well as a line to add your name or email address should you desire.

If you would like some to hand out to those you would like to turn on to SDBC, please contact SDBC ride leader Michael Pelkey at

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A Note From The Clothing Director
2015 SDBC Summer Jersey
Click for larger image
Summer Jersey Front

The 2015 Summer Jersey is available for purchase in the Pactimo Store in men's and women's Ascent Air and Summit rflx options.

To access the Team Store from the club web site, click on Members, then SDBC Clothing, and follow the directions. If this is the first time you have ordered clothing from Pactimo, you will need to create your personal account.

Click for larger image
Summer Jersey Back

The regular jersey and all other clothing items are also available at the clothing store site.

Please be sure of your sizing. Neither Pactimo nor SDBC can be held responsible if you order the wrong size. Use the following link to access the Pactimo Custom Clothing sizing chart.

Nick Jones
SDBC Clothing Director

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SDBC/SPY Sunglasses
SDBC LogoSpy Optic web site

SDBC Custom SPY Sunglasses

SPY/SDBC sunglasses are available at a great club price at La Jolla Swim and Sport, located at 1008 Torrey Pines Road. 2015 SDBC ID required. Open M-Th 10-6; Fr-Sun 8-6. Contact Serge at for price information and any other questions you may have.

Purchases can be made with credit card, check or cash. SDBC members also get 10% off any items in the store, including extra lenses for the glasses. These SPY Screw frames accept Screw Under (smaller) and Screw Over (larger) lenses, as well as standard Screw lenses.

Please bring a current SDBC ID to verify 2015 membership.

Email me if you have any questions.

Serge Issakov

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A Note From The Membership Director


Now is the time to renew your membership for 2015. Still just $45!

Exciting things are happening in 2015 - take a look…

  • Expanded discounts to all members.
  • Increased sponsor support benefiting both the general membership and the race teams.
  • A new Cat 1-2 Team.
  • A new Club kit. Fun!

So whether you’re an experienced racer, an endurance cyclist, a recreational cyclist, or someone just getting into biking, when you join/renew, you’re teaming up with hundreds of other cyclists to help us:

  • Keep our Saturday rides free and open to everyone.
  • Offer coached training rides for all levels of riders.
  • Expand our racing program for men, women & juniors.
  • Offer specialized training programs.
  • Continue our philanthropic work like the annual Christmas Toy Ride.
  • Keep our annual Beach Party and Borrego Spring Camp-out ride free to members.
  • Advocate for cyclists rights.
  • Create a safer riding environment.

You may renew on-line - we’re picking up the registration fee this year, OR pay by cash, check, or credit card at most Saturday rides.

Marilyn Detloff
SDBC Membership Director

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Other Items Of Interest

The following items are not sponsored or endorsed by SDBC but may be of interest to the general membership.

Salsa Ride at the Border

The Salsa Ride on Sunday, 6/14, was a great success!

There were 415 registered riders, about half from Mexico and half from the US—a fantastic collaboration between our two countries. Many SDBC members participated and our own Ralph Elliott was at the microphone as Master of Ceremonies again this year.

Juan Carlos Vinolo, our Ride Leader, and wearer of bib #1, started out the first wave of riders at 7:00. Accompanying him were our celebrity riders, Raul Alcala, the first Mexican Tour de France racer and winner of two stages with bib #2, and USA Consul General in Tijuana Andrew Erickson, with bib #3. This was Juan Carlos' longest ride to date and he rode approximately 4 miles. A fantastic effort from someone who was so close to death just 10 months ago! The cycling community has come together in his behalf, with CAF supplying his hand–cycle, and members of SDBC and many others stepping up to support his comeback on the bike.

The weather was obliging and the route was a well-planned up & back route from San Ysidro to the climb up Honey Springs Road as the turn-around point and pièce de résistance. Rest stops, SAG support, finisher's medal, tee shirt, meal, beer garden, a band, raffle, and a photo booth complete with theatrical get-ups were all included.

A great time was had by all so don't miss next year's 3rd Annual Salsa Ride!

Visit the SDBC Blog page - Ride Reflections: "Salsa Ride at the Border" - to read more about the participants' experiences.

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The new policy regarding classified submission and run duration is now in effect for the weekly update. Please see the note in the left column for details. If your items for sale have been removed you can re-submit your ad.

For Sale: NeilPryde Diablo

Posted: 5/28/2015

Click for larger image

  • 52cm carbon fiber frame
  • Ultegra 6700 10spd
  • New Shimano RS21 wheels
  • Light, stiff, fast
  • Recently tuned, new cassette and chain
  • $1,800

Contact:Ben Arena

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For Sale: 2015 Cannondale CAAD 10

Posted: 5/14/2015

Click for larger image

  • Brand new, never ridden
  • Size: 54cm
  • Chainrings: 52/36
  • 11 speed Ultegra
  • Mavic Aksium S WTS wheelset
  • Steerer tube uncut
  • $2,000

Contact: Michael Yuhas

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New 2015 SDBC Women’s Medium Pactimo Ascent Jersey for sale or trade

Posted: 4/9/2015

2015 Women's Summit Jersey

  • New with tags attached
  • Same price as purchased on Pactimo online store ($85 + tax and shipping)
  • Or trade against Women's small jersey

Contact: Bea Dormoy- Womens Team Director

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