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SDBC 2016 Sponsors

We have some new sponsors this year - Chrome Dome Caps, Overland & Shanahan Wealth Advisors, Sheffield Platers, Purely Cloud, and Pro Athlete Law Group.

Emerald Textiles will continue as our title sponsor, UC Cyclery is continuing as our official bike club and sponsor of the men's and women's Cat 1/2 teams, and many sponsors that have supported us for years will continue to support us this year.

Please support our sponsors. Without them SDBC would not be able to maintain the racing teams and other activities that we have all enjoyed. Visit the sponsors page on the SDBC web site to view more information about each of our sponsors or click the logos to go the specific sponsor's web site.

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The Official Bike Shop of SDBC
and Sponsor of the Cat 1/2 Teams
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Interested in advertising with us? Please email our Sponsorship Director for details.

The deadline for Weekly Update submissions is Noon on Wednesday. Updates are published on Thursdays. Email submissions to Submissions can include anything from photos to race reports and results, etc.

Classifieds for bikes and cycling related gear can be submitted by any SDBC member. Your add will run for three weeks. In the event you have not sold your items at the end of three weeks you can re-submit the ad. Email your classified submissions to Please provide any photos in the original size if possible.

If you are unable to view the Weekly Email Update correctly, you can view an archived copy here. All corrections are also posted to the online version as well.
SDBC Sunday Ride, 5/22

San Diego Bicycle Club
Rancho Santa Fe Deluxe,
the new route into RSF

45 miles, 3,000’ climbing with regrouping.

Leaves UC Cyclery at 8:30, led by SDBC ride leader, Java Depot in Solana Beach by 11:00, back at UCC by 12:00.

Bring 2 bottles of fluid, and be ready to roll at 8:30. A group pic will be taken and sent to you afterwards with ride write-up.

Map available on MapMyRide

Michael  Pelkey
SDBC Sunday Ride Leader

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A Note From The Membership Director


Now is the time to renew your membership for 2016. New prices in effect as of Jan. 1st, 2016

Exciting things are happening in 2016 - take a look…

  • Expanded discounts to all members.
  • Increased sponsor support benefiting both the general membership and the race teams.
  • A new Women's Cat 1-2 Team.
  • A new Club kit. Fun!

So whether you’re an experienced racer, an endurance cyclist, a recreational cyclist, or someone just getting into biking, when you join/renew, you’re teaming up with hundreds of other cyclists to help us:

  • Keep our Saturday rides free and open to everyone.
  • Offer coached training rides for all levels of riders.
  • Expand our racing program for men, women & juniors.
  • Offer specialized training programs.
  • Continue our philanthropic work like the annual Christmas Toy Ride.
  • Keep our annual Beach Party and Borrego Springs Camp-out ride free to members.
  • Advocate for cyclists rights.
  • Create a safer riding environment.

New membership fee structure for 2016

Membership Length You Pay Second Adult Family Member Pays Each Junior Pays
One Year (Good) $55 $20 $10
Two Year
Three Year (Best Value) $135

You may renew on-line, OR pay by cash, check, or credit card at most Saturday.

Marilyn Detloff
SDBC Membership Director

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Recent Race Results

Year to date - 40 Firsts, 34 Seconds, 28 Thirds, 231 Top Ten Finishes. Results for the last 60 days listed.

Bario Logan Grand Prix 5/7/2016
Men P/1/2 - Eric Geier - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 8th
Men Cat-4 - Drew Ceccato - 1st
Men Cat-4 - Ben Martinez - 9th
Men Cat-5 - Matt Tayaba - 3rd
Men Cat-5 - Rustico Rasing - 8th
Men Cat-5 - Mike Green - 9th
Men Cat-5 - Marcos Martinez - 10th
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Jo Celso  - 7th
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Esther Walker - 9th
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Katherine Ellis - 10th
Women Cat-3 -Kat Ellis - 3rd
Women Cat-3 - Renee Robinson - 4th
Women Cat-3 - Alex Reich - 5th
Women Cat-3 - Heather Odom - 10th
Women Cat-4 - Katherine Nadler - 1st (1st overall in the W 3/4 race)
Women Cat 4 - Lillian McCormick - 6th
Junior Women 9-10 - Natalie Wang - 1st
Junior Women 9-10 - Eire Chen - 4th
Junior Women 13-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 4th
Junior Women 13-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 5th
Junior Women 13-14 - Stella Hale - 6th
Junior Men 11-12 - Evan Aparri - 4th

Tour of the Gila 5/4/2016-5/7/2016

Road Race 5/4/2016
Men 1/2 - Brandon Jones - 8th

Criterium 5/7/2016
Men 1/2 - Logan Bass - 3rd

Dana Point GP 5/1/2016
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 1st
Men Cat-4 - Austin Kruisheer - 5th
Men Cat-5 - Didier Sagan - 2nd
Men Cat-5 - Matt Tayaba - 5th
Men Cat-5 - Patrick La Petina - 6th
Men Cat-4/5 - Drew Ceccato - 5th
Women Pro 1/2- Jen Whalen - 7th

Dana Point GP 4/30/2016
Women Pro 1/2/3- Jen Whalen - 5th

CBR Criterium #4 4/24/2016
Men P/1/2 - Logan Bass - 1st
Men P/1/2 - Daniel Zitter - 9th (2nd cat-2)
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 1st
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Trina Jacobson - 6th

Old Town Temecula GP 4/23/2016
Men P/1/2 - Logan Bass - 6th
Men P/1/2 - Brandon Jones - 8th (1st cat-2)
Men P/1/2 - Kenyon Ralph - 10th (2nd cat-2)
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 4th
Men Cat-3 - Romain Chassefeyre - 7th
Men Cat-4 - Drew Ceccato - 1st
Men Cat-5 - Mike Green - 1st
Men Cat-5 - Didier Sagan - 6th
Men Cat-4/5 - Mike Green - 2nd
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Pat Murray - 6th

LAVRA Junior Saturday Series #3 4/23/2016
Junior Women 11-12 - Stella Hale - 2nd
Junior Women 13-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 8th

LA Circuit Race 4/17/2016
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Jo Celso - 3rd

San Luis Rey Road Race 4/16/2016
Men P/1/2 - Jonathan Deguzman - 6th
Men P/1/2 - Logan Bass - 7th
Men Cat-3 - Kevin Festini - 5th
Men Cat-4 - Matt Rivers - 5th
Men Cat-4 - Patrick Sullivan - 7th
Men Cat-4 - Tom McCarthy - 10th
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Jo Celso - 2nd (2016 Elite Road Race State Champion)
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Jen Whalen - 4th
Women Cat-3/4 - Renee Robinson - 2nd
Women Cat-3/4 - Pat Murray - 4th

Redlands Crit 4/10/2016
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Esther Walker - 2nd

Rosena Ranch Circuit Race 4/9/2016
Men Cat-4 - Jared Kukura - 2nd
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 6th
Junior Women 9-14 - Natalie Wang - 2nd
Junior Men 9-12 - Evan Aparri - 4th

Fiesta Island Time Trial 4/10/2016
Youth 9 and under - Natalie Wang - 1st
Junior Boys 9-12 - Evan Aparri - 1st

San Dimas Stage Race 4/1/2016-4/3/2016

Time Trial 4/1/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 3rd
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 2nd
Men Cat-4 - Romain Chassafeyre - 7th
Women Cat-3 - Kat Ellis - 3rd
Women Cat-3 - Renee Robinson - 8th
Women Cat-4 - Lily McCormick - 2nd

Road Race 4/2/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 1st
Men Cat-2 - Jonathan Deguzman - 7th
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 4th
Women Pro/Cat-1/2/3 - Jen Whalen - 10th
Women Cat-3 - Kat Ellis - 3rd
Women Cat-3 - Renee Robinson - 5th
Women Cat-3 - Pat Murray - 9th

Critereum 4/3/2016
Women Cat-3 - Renee Robinson - 4th
Women Cat-3 - Kat Ellis - 6th

GC 4/3/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 3rd
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 2nd
Men Cat-4 - Romain Chassafeyre - 7th
Women Cat-3 - Kat Ellis - 3rd
Women Cat-3 - Renee Robinson - 8th
Women Cat-4 - Lily McCormick - 2nd

Dare to Race GP in Jurupa Valley #3 3/27/2016
Men Cat-4 - Jared Kukura - 2nd
Men Cat-4 - Chris Morales - 5th
Men Cat-5 - Michael Green - 2nd
Women Cat-1/2/3 - Heather Odom - 6th
Women Cat- 3/4 - Katherine Nadler - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Natalie Wang - 3rd
Junior Men 9-12 - Julian Munoz - 3rd

LAVRA Junior Saturday Series #2 3/26/2016
Junior Women 9/10 Omnium - Natalie Wang - 1st
Junior Men 11/12 Omnium - Julian Munoz - 2nd
Junior Men 11/12 Omnium - Evan Aparri - 4th

Majestic Criterium 3/26/2016
Masters 55+ - Heathger Odom - 6th

Copperopolis Road Race 3/26/2016
Women Cat-1/2 - Jo Celso - 1st

Tucson Bicycle Classic 3/18/2016-3/20/2016

Time Trial 3/18/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Christian de Groot - 8th
Women 55+ - Heather Odom - 4th

Road Race 3/19/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 1st
Men Cat-2 - Brandon Jones - 3rd
Men Cat-2 - Jonathan Deguzman - 5th

Circuit Race 3/20/2016

GC 3/20/2016
Men Cat-2 - Logan Bass - 5th
Men Cat-2 - Brandon Jones - 10th
Men Cat-3 - Christian de Groot - 5th
Men Cat-4 - Jared Kukura - 2nd
Men Cat-4 - Chris Morales - 5th
Men Cat-5 - Michael Green - 2nd
Women 55+ - Heather Odom - 4th
Women 55+ - Heather Odom - 4th

Chuck Pontius Omnium 3/19/2016-3/20/2016

Road Race 3/19/2016
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 1st
Women Master 45+ - Renee Robinson - 1st (state champion)

Criterium 3/20/2016
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 10th

GC 3/20/2016
Men Cat-4 - Kevin Festini - 1st

Tour de Murrieta 3/11/2016-3/13/2016

To report any errors or omisions contact your team race director. All race results are posted as received from the team directors.

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In this Issue

There were no race results reported by the team directors this week so the weekly race results section is highlighting Raplh's great choice for a place to watch the Tour of California as it rolled up Laurel Street.

Don't miss the info about the Jackie Price Dunn Memorial Race at the velodrome and the notice about the Salsa Ride in Other Items of Interest.

Select a link on the left to see what else is happening in the weeks ahead.

Be sure to check our website and social media pages for more information.

SDBC Cheers TOC Racerson Laurel

Click for larger image - Tinkoff's Adam Blythe on Laurel
Tinkoff's Adam Blythe on Laurel
with SDBC fans watching closely

Click for larger image - Ralph's setup on Laurel
Ralph's setup on Laurel

Click for larger image - climber 1 on Laurel
For the crowd's entertainment some people tackled
the 18% grade on the first part of Laruel

Click for larger image - climber 2 on Laurel
Climber 2 on Laurel

Click for larger image - climber 3 on Laurel
Climber 3 on Laurel

Click for larger image - Peloton on Laurel
And finaly the early breakaway on Laurel

A Note from the Velodrome Director

San Diego Bicycle Club  
Jackie Price Dunn Memorial Ride
May 24th

Jackie Price Dunn was the first and only fatal accident at the San Diego Velodrome. Her death was devastating to our track community. Those that knew Jackie, knew she was a fierce competitor and we have had a memorial race night in her honor for the past 2 years. This is the third year we are celebrating the enthusiasm she brought to competitive track cycling.

Click for larger image - Tinkoff's Adam Blythe on Laurel

PLEASE JOIN US NEXT TUESDAY 5/24/2016 at 6:00 pm for a special night of racing at the SAN Diego Velodrome! Find us under the lights at Morely field on our 333 meter cycling track. Parking is free and safe at the Bud Kerns Municipal pool - look for the velodrome just behind the pool.  2229 Morley Field Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

If you race - check this out! Registration: Juniors and Women featured!

Spectators!! We will conduct raffles and all the proceeds go to two San Diego Velodrome programs - one is the VeloYouth; this program assists at-risk teens by teaching them how to ride a track bike, race and develop team skills.  The other program is our junior racing development classes. These classes are free to the kids and this year there are many talented youth that have been invited to compete at the national championships!  Our SDBC coaches will be traveling to assist our SDBC juniors in competition. As you can imagine, travel funds are needed to help get the kids to the event. This year it is being held in Trexlertown, Pa., from July 25-31

Hope to see you there to watch and cheer or race - either will support our junior racers!

Pat Murray
Co-Coordinator with Durwood Dunn and San Diego Velodrome Association

Jackie had a blog - and even wrote about a group ride with SDBC - check it out here!

SDVA link -

Victor Hupp
San Diego Velodrome Director

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A Note From The Bike Coalition Liaison


Safety Tip of the Week:

Let motorists know what we're doing... don't keep it a secret!

Every time we approach a left turn or merge, everyone, especially those in the back, should be signaling left early so motorists know what we're up to.  They can't read our minds and don't know our route.  Let them know well before we start moving over.  Too often the front starts moving left after a motorist has already committed to passing on the left.  It can be a mess, at best, dangerous at worst. The bigger the group, the sooner we should start signaling.

And when those in the back can see it's clear, say so.  And pass it on.  Do this right and the whole group moves over cohesively fairly quickly looking like a bunch of pros instead of a bunch of Freds like me.


Here is the link to the City of San Diego website to report street problems like the cracks, potholes and bumps on San Dieguito Road between Caminito Pacifica Trail and Winland Hills:

Remember: your SDBC membership includes membership in the San Diego County Bike Coalition which includes a number of benefits. See the  coalition website at

Serge Issakov
Bike Coalition liaison

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A Note From the Clothing Director
Click for larger image
Jersey Front

2016 SDBC Kit Design

The 2016 SDBC Kit is now available and the Pactimo store is open. Click the images for larger views.

Click for larger image
Jersey Back
Click for larger image
Bib Front
Click for larger image
Bib Back

To access the Team Store from the club web site, click on Mebers, then SDBC Clothing, sign in with your email address and password, click on Order Uniform, and follow the directions. If this is the first time you have ordered clothing from Pactimo, you will need to create your personal account.

Please be sure of your sizing. Neither Pactimo nor SDBC can be held responsible if you order the wrong size. Use the following link to access the Pactimo Custom Clothing sizing chart.

Nick Jones
SDBC Clothing Director

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2016 Fiesta Island Time Trial Series
FITTUC Cyclery

Thanks to all the racers and volunteers that participaed in the spring session. Start planning for the fall session starting in September.

The remaining dates for the 2016 race series are availalbe for registration:

  • Sunday, September 25th
  • Sunday, November 6th

You may sign up each race individually, or sign up for the entire series to receive 15% discount.

Register at:

UC Cyclery is our series title sponsor, which will provide onsite mechanical support and prizes.

UC Cyclery/SDBC Fiesta Island Time Trial Series

Find FITT on Facebook FITT on Facebook
Follow FITT on Twitter FITT on Twitter

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Other Items Of Interest

The following items are not sponsored or endorsed by SDBC but may be of interest to the general membership.

Salsa Ride at the Border

Mark your calendars for the Third Annual Salsa Ride at the Border on June 12, 2016!!!

Join hundreds of cyclists as we once again participate in this fine & worthy event, created by SDBC's Armando Valencia, and organized by the Foundation for the Children of the Californias on behalf of the Hospital Infantil de las Californias.

Funds raised at the event will be used for the Hospital’s ophthalmology efforts to prevent blindness and vision disorders in children. No child is turned away for inability to pay and the facility serves kids from both sides of the San Diego and Baja California mega-region.

The festive ride begins and ends at the “San Diego Outlets at the Border” in San Ysidro and offers a scenic passage through Otay Lakes, Chula Vista and the Eastlake area. Riders choose from either a metric century or metric half century route and all levels of riders are welcome to participate.

It is notable that a portion of the ride, for those doing the full metric century, goes through Otay Lakes and up Honey Springs, the same route taken by the Amgen TOC on Sunday, 5/15!

SDBC's Ralph Elliott will be once again be the MC (can't beat that!), and there will be finisher's medals, t-shirts, a wonderful post-ride meal, a beer garden (1 free coupon), a raffle, and a grand time had by all! For those riding the full metric century, the Honey Springs portion will be chip-timed. A most excellent event. Let's have another great showing from SDBC members!

Registration is open, and we are encouraging riders to register as soon as possible.

Event website at

Signup at the Online Registration Page - There is a $10 discount to SDBC members ~ USE DISCOUNT CODE: SDBC

Email for sponsorship inquiries.

Invite your friends to spread the word!

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Please see the note in the left column for details regardging classified submission and run duration . If your item for sale has been removed and yu have not sold it you can re-submit your ad.

For Sale: Specialized Allez DSW SL Frameset

Posted: 4/21/2016

  • Specialized Allez DSW SL Frameset
  • New in box
  • Size 58
  • $750.00

Click for larger image

A versatile alloy frameset, the Allez DSW SL represents all the knowledge we've gained from decades of creating high-performance race bikes. The Allez DSW SL Frameset features D'Aluisio Smartweld Technology that increases stiffness and compliance has been coupled with the Specialized FACT full carbon fork to provide expert steering response and power transfer. The only thing missing is the custom build you decide on.

  • E5 Premium Aluminum frame with D'Aluisio Smartweld Technology refocuses weld locations, allowing for more material to be placed where it's needed for increased stiffness and compliance.
  • Specialized FACT carbon fiber fork with alloy crown and steerer provides all the stiffness and ride benefits of carbon in a more accessible package.

Product Specifications:

  • FRAME – Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum w/ D’Aluisio Smartweld SL Technology, hydroformed aluminum tubing, tapered head tube, OSBB
  • FORK – Specialized FACT carbon, full monocoque, 1-3/8″ lower bearing
  • HEADSET – 1-1/8″ upper, 1-3/8” lower, steel bearings, 20mm alloy cone spacer, w/ 20mm spacers
  • SEATPOST – Specialized Sport, alloy, 2-bolt, 27.2mm
  • SEAT BINDER – Alloy, 31.6mm

Click for larger image

Email for more information.

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