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Recent Race Results

Year to date - 70 Firsts, 60 Seconds, 49 Thirds, 377 Top Ten Finishes. Results for the last 60 days listed.

Masters Track Nationals - 500m Time Trial 8/12/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Murray - 4th

Manhattan Beach GP 8/7/2016
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 5th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 6th
Women Cat 3 - Katherine Nadler - 2nd
Women Cat 3 - Alexandra Reich - 7th

Patterson Pass Road Race (Norcal) 8/6/2016
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Jo Peterson - 1st

Elite Track Nationals 7/25/2016-7/31/2016

M Elite Omnium III 7/26/2016
Roger Ainslie - 3rd (Bronze medal)

M Elite Individual Pursuit 7/26/2016
Men's Individual Pursuit - Ryon Graf - 10th

W Elite Individual Pursuit 7/26/2016
Esther Walker - 3rd (Bronze medal)

M Elite Team Pursuit 7/27/2016
Roger Ainslie/Eric Geier/Ryon Graf/Kenyan Ralph - 3rd (Bronze medal)

W Elite Points Race 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 7th

W Elite Scratch Race 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 6th

W Elite Madison 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 4th

M Elite Madison 7/31/2016
Roger Ainslie/Eric Geier - 3rd (Bronze medal)

Red Kite Race (Albany) 7/31/3016

Citrus Sunday – Junior Omnium Stage Race 7/31/3016
Omnium Women Junior 13-14 - Stella Hale - 1st

Livermore (Norcal) circuit race 7/23/2016
Women Cat 1/2 - Jo Celso - 1st

SCNCA Masters Track State Championships 7/23/2016-7/24/2016

500m TT 7/23/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Murray - 2nd

Team Sprint 7/23/2016
Pat Murray - 1st

5km Scratch Race 7/23/2016
Women 35+ - Pat Murray - 2nd

10km Points Race 7/23/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Purray - 2nd

2km Individual TT 7/24/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Purray - 2nd

3km Team Time Trials 7/24/2016
Women 45+ - Pat Murray - 1st (guest rider)

Adrenaline Twilight Grand Prix 7/16/2016
Men P/1/2 - Roger Ainslie - 2nd
Men P/1/2 - Eric Geier - 7th
Men P/1/2 - Daniel Zitter - 9th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 1st
Men Cat-3 - Romain Chassafeyre - 3rd
Men Cat-3 - Drew Ceccato - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Ben Arena - 8th
Men Cat-4 - Sean Lee - 5th
Women P/1/2/3 - Kat Ellis – 1st
Women P/1/2/3 - Esther Walker – 2nd
Women P/1/2/3 - Renee Robinson – 4th
Women P/1/2/3 - Pat Murray – 5th
Women Cat 3/4 - Katherine Nadler - 4th
Women Cat 3/4 - Pat Murray - 5th
Junior Men 9-12 - Julian Munoz - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Cutierrez - 3rd
Junior Women 9-14 - Mariana Morales - 4th
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 5th

Carlsbad Grand Prix 7/17/2016
Men P/1/2 - Roger Ainslie - 8th
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 4th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 8th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 3rd
Women P/1/2/3 - Esther Walker - 4th
Women P/1/2/3 - Pat Murray - 8th
Women P/1/2/3 - Heather Odom - 9th
Women Cat 3/4 - Alex Reich - 7th
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 4th
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 10th

San Diego Criterium Series (BLGP, AGP, CGP) 7/17/2016
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Esther Walker – 2nd
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Kat Ellis -3rd
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Natalie Wang - 5th
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 8th
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 10th

Cyclo-Vets Annual Classic Criterium 7/11/2016
Men P/1/2/3 - Eric Geier - 1st
Men P/1/2/3 - Logan Bass - 4th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 2nd
Men Cat-3 - David Garcia - 3rd
Men Cat-3 - Jared Kukura - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 7th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 3rd
Men Cat-5 - Matt Tayaba - 3rd
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Kat Ellis - 1st
Women Master's 50-54 -Renee Robinson - 2nd
Women Omnium - Alex Reich - 4th
Women Master's 55-59 -Heather Odom - 1st
Women Master's 70-74 -Tricia Kimper - 1st

SCNCA Elite Track State Championships 7/9/2016
Women 4 K Team Pursuit - [Esther Walker,
   Katherine Nadler, Alex Reich,
   Pat Murray] - 1st (State Champions)

Women Individual Pursuit - Esther Walker - 1st (State Champion)
Women Points Race - Esther Walker -
  1st (State Champion)

Women Points Race - Pat Murray - 3rd
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 9th
Madison Race - Esther Walker - 1st (State Champion)
Men Cat-3 - Christian de Groot - 8th
Women Team Sprint - [Alex Reich and
   Katherine Nadler] - 3rd

Men Cat-3 - Eric Boarman - 10th
Women Omnium - Katherine Nadler - 3rd
Men Cat-3/4 - Eric Boarman - 9th
Women Scratch Race - Esther Walker - 3rd

SCNCA Junior Track State Championship 7/8/2016
Junior Women 13-14 Omnium - Noelle Camanyag - 4th
Junior Women 13-14 Omnium - Karely Gutierrez - 5th
Junior Women 13-14 Omnium - Stella Hale - 6th
Junior Men 11-12 Omnium - Julian Munoz - 3rd
Jr Women 9-10 Omnium - Natalie Wang - 1st (State Champ)

2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals 6/30/2016-7/3/2016

Time Trial 6/30/2016
Junior Women 9-10 - Natalie Wang - 1st (National Champion)

Road Race 7/1/2016
Junior Women 9-10 - Natalie Wang - 1st (National Champion)

Criterium 7/3/2016
Junior Women 9-10 - Natalie Wang - 1st (National Champion)
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 6th

Long Beach GP 7/3/2016

Jurupa Valley GP 6/26/2016
Junior Men 9-12 - Julian Munoz - 2nd
Junior Men 9-12 - Evan Aparri - 3rd
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 9th
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 1st

Kenda Cup West Series Overall (best 5 of 7 races) 6/19/2016
Women Cat-2 50+ - Pat Murray - 1st
Junior Omnium All Track Mixed 9-10 - Stella Hale -4th

Kenda Cup Big Bear #2 XC 6/19/2016
Women Cat-2 50+ - Pat Murray - 1st
Men P/1/2 - Kenyon Ralph - 7th

Victorville Crit 6/19/2016
Men P/1/2 - Roger Ainslie - 8th

To report any errors or omisions contact your team race director. All race results are posted as received from the team directors.

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In this Issue - August 25, 2016

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Be sure to check our website and social media pages for more information.

17th Annual Cecy Krone Memorial Ride
Monday, Sept 5, 2015
Cecy Krone Memmorial Montage

Please join SDBC for a 54 mile bike ride (that includes Les's Loop) to Carlsbad in memory of fellow SDBC members whose lives have been taken on the roads by drunk drivers.

The ride will leave UC Cyclery (home of the Saturday ride location) at 8:30am.

This is not a race, but a fun ride (moderate pace) and a time for all of us to enjoy riding together to remember club members killed while riding. We will be stopping at Java Depot on the return trip for a FREE cup of Java.

Red memorial MADD ribbons will be given to all participants to tie onto their bicycles during the ride.

When:  Monday, September 5, 2015 Roll out at 8:30 am
Where:  UC Cyclery, 8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037

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2016 Fiesta Island Time Trial Series
FITTUC Cyclery

The fall session will include two dates starting in September. Start plannning now to establish a new personal record, beat your rivals, or dominate the field!

The remaining dates for the 2016 race series are availalbe for registration:

  • Sunday, September 25th
  • Sunday, November 6th

Register at:

UC Cyclery is our series title sponsor, which will provide onsite mechanical support and prizes.

UC Cyclery/SDBC Fiesta Island Time Trial Series

Find FITT on Facebook FITT on Facebook
Follow FITT on Twitter FITT on Twitter

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SDBC Sunday Ride, 8/28

San Diego Bicycle Club
Rancho Santa Fe

* If the weather is still hot, it may be decided to take the group up the coast.

44 miles approx, leaves UC Cyclery at 8:30, led by SDBC member at SDBC Saturday D1 Ride pace, with the focus on riding 2x2 and keeping the group together. On short climbs we will tend to get separated, but we will regroup at the tops of each. The ride includes a stop at our coffee shop sponsor, Java Depot, in Solana Beach by 11:00, and we’ll be back at UCC by 12:30 or before.

Bring two bottles of fluid and be ready to roll at 8:30. A group pic is typically taken and sent to all participants afterwards with a ride write-up.

Come along. Our aim is to stay safe, be challenged, and have fun together.

* By joining this or any other SDBC ride, you acknowledge cycling is an inherently dangerous and potentially deadly activity. It is impossible for every rider to be kept safe against every potential mishap every second of the ride. By riding with SDBC you are giving your implied consent that you take responsibility for your own safety, and assume all liability for any incidents that might occur on our rides.

Michael  Pelkey
SDBC Sunday Ride Leader

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A Note from the Velodrome Director

San Diego Bicycle Club  
Membership Discount and more!

First, the track is going to get a resurfacing in September. We will close the facility for riding from September 14 through September 26th. In this short time the riding surface will be re-paved and painted. We will add an additional cool-down/warm-up circle in the northern half of the infield and will make some upgrades to other parts of the facility. This is going to be a TON of work and we will be seeking your help to ensure this goes off smoothly. It's your track and now's the time to really get involved.

Our website recently received a facelift too. We hope this layout better serves to inform and bring in more riders to our facility. Check it out! If you're a current member, there is a members-only area that is accessible through a secure log in. Requests are manually verified against our current member's list. Once you have been verified (usually no more than 6-8 hours) you will be able to access the Members-Only tab under Membership on the website. In there you can find the current membership list, member documents, as well as BOD meeting minutes. It is currently an evolving section; so if there are things you feel are missing let us know.

Starting August 1st, 2016 memberships to the SDVA are 50% off. Memberships will be valid to the end of this calendar year. New members will receive the same benefits as current members as well as a combo into the facility to ride during open hours. To apply, please fill out the form in the New Members section attach a check or money order and send it in.

SDVA link -

Some reminders:

Public hours are on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During this time ANYONE is invited to ride their bicycle (any bike) on the track. Please bring a helmet and be prepared to sign a waiver.

Members are allowed to ride only during Open Hours on the track. All scheduled events are noted on the calendar.

Motor Pacing is only allowed by SDVA approved coaches.

Victor Hupp
San Diego Velodrome Director

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A Note From The Bike Coalition Liaison


Safety Tip of the Week: REPORT aggressive motorists!

REPORT aggressive motorists!  If a motorist threatens you with their deadly weapon get their plate and go to the appropriate police or sheriff department and INSIST that a report is FILED.  Attorney Seth Davidson explains why this is so crucial in his piece - Don't take it lying down

And a follow-up piece - The people police

Seth's latest post (5/26) regading reporting vehicular harrassment - Report card

One report alone probably won't accomplish much. Tragically, police really have to be pushed to pursue these cases. But once they have more than one report on the same driver, and aggressive drivers are likely to be repeat offenders, that's a pattern, and even reluctant police may be spurred into action.  So don't take it lying down, get that report filed! 


Here is the link to the City of San Diego website to report street problems like the cracks, potholes and bumps on San Dieguito Road between Caminito Pacifica Trail and Winland Hills:

Remember: your SDBC membership includes membership in the San Diego County Bike Coalition which includes a number of benefits. See the  coalition website at

Serge Issakov
Bike Coalition liaison

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A Note From the Clothing Director
Click for larger image
Jersey Front

2016 SDBC Kit Design

The 2016 SDBC Kit is now available and the Pactimo store is open. Click the images for larger views.

Click for larger image
Jersey Back
Click for larger image
Bib Front
Click for larger image
Bib Back

To access the Team Store from the club web site, click on Mebers, then SDBC Clothing, sign in with your email address and password, click on Order Uniform, and follow the directions. If this is the first time you have ordered clothing from Pactimo, you will need to create your personal account.

Please be sure of your sizing. Neither Pactimo nor SDBC can be held responsible if you order the wrong size. Use the following link to access the Pactimo Custom Clothing sizing chart.

Nick Jones
SDBC Clothing Director

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Please see the note in the left column for details regardging classified submission and run duration . If your item for sale has been removed and yu have not sold it you can re-submit your ad.

For Sale - Specialized S-Works Transition TT / Triathlon bike

Posted: 8/25/2016

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

  • Size Large for 5' 10" to 6' 2".
  • Full Carbon and Dura Ace.
  • Internally routed cables.
  • Rotor QXL elliptical chainrings 53x41.
  • D/A 7900 Aero Brake Levers.
  • D/A 7800 10 speed drivetrain.
  • D/A 7800 Bar End shifters.
  • 10 speed D/A cassette.
  • Full Carbon seatpost and cranks.
  • 3T Mistral fully adjustable carbon aero bars.
  • ISM Adamo Podium Saddle.

Never crashed, never dropped. Immaculate condition. $2500

Contact: Robert Willcox

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