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Classifieds for bikes and cycling related gear can be submitted by any SDBC member. Your add will run for three weeks. In the event you have not sold your items at the end of three weeks you can re-submit the ad. Email your classified submissions to Please provide any photos in the original size if possible.

If you are unable to view the Weekly Email Update correctly, you can view an archived copy here. All corrections are also posted to the online version as well.
Recent Race Results

Year to date - 73 Firsts, 63 Seconds, 52 Thirds, 386 Top Ten Finishes. Results for the last 60 days listed.

Giro Di San Francisco 9/2/2016
Women Pro 1/2 - Jo Celso - 3rd

SoCal Women's Track Series Omnium 8/28/2016
Womens Field - Pat Murray - 3rd
Mens Field - Roger Lovett - 3rd

Mt Whitney Stage Race 8/27/2016-8/28/2016

Road Race 8/27/2016
Men Cat 4/5 - Tom McCarthy - 2nd
Men Master 55+ - Peter Dufour - 1st

Road Race 8/28/2016
Men Cat 4/5 - Tom McCarthy - 2nd
Men Master 55+ - Peter Dufour - 1st

Stage Race 8/28/2016
Men Cat 4/5 - Tom McCarthy - 2nd
Men Master 55+ - Peter Dufour - 1st

Masters Track Nationals - 500m Time Trial 8/12/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Murray - 4th

Manhattan Beach GP 8/7/2016
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 5th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 6th
Women Cat 3 - Katherine Nadler - 2nd
Women Cat 3 - Alexandra Reich - 7th

Patterson Pass Road Race (Norcal) 8/6/2016
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Jo Peterson - 1st

Elite Track Nationals 7/25/2016-7/31/2016

M Elite Omnium III 7/26/2016
Roger Ainslie - 3rd (Bronze medal)

M Elite Individual Pursuit 7/26/2016
Men's Individual Pursuit - Ryon Graf - 10th

W Elite Individual Pursuit 7/26/2016
Esther Walker - 3rd (Bronze medal)

M Elite Team Pursuit 7/27/2016
Roger Ainslie/Eric Geier/Ryon Graf/Kenyan Ralph - 3rd (Bronze medal)

W Elite Points Race 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 7th

W Elite Scratch Race 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 6th

W Elite Madison 7/29/2016
Esther Walker 4th

M Elite Madison 7/31/2016
Roger Ainslie/Eric Geier - 3rd (Bronze medal)

Red Kite Race (Albany) 7/31/3016

Citrus Sunday – Junior Omnium Stage Race 7/31/3016
Omnium Women Junior 13-14 - Stella Hale - 1st

Livermore (Norcal) circuit race 7/23/2016
Women Cat 1/2 - Jo Celso - 1st

SCNCA Masters Track State Championships 7/23/2016-7/24/2016

500m TT 7/23/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Murray - 2nd

Team Sprint 7/23/2016
Pat Murray - 1st

5km Scratch Race 7/23/2016
Women 35+ - Pat Murray - 2nd

10km Points Race 7/23/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Purray - 2nd

2km Individual TT 7/24/2016
Women 50-54 - Pat Purray - 2nd

3km Team Time Trials 7/24/2016
Women 45+ - Pat Murray - 1st (guest rider)

Adrenaline Twilight Grand Prix 7/16/2016
Men P/1/2 - Roger Ainslie - 2nd
Men P/1/2 - Eric Geier - 7th
Men P/1/2 - Daniel Zitter - 9th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 1st
Men Cat-3 - Romain Chassafeyre - 3rd
Men Cat-3 - Drew Ceccato - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Ben Arena - 8th
Men Cat-4 - Sean Lee - 5th
Women P/1/2/3 - Kat Ellis – 1st
Women P/1/2/3 - Esther Walker – 2nd
Women P/1/2/3 - Renee Robinson – 4th
Women P/1/2/3 - Pat Murray – 5th
Women Cat 3/4 - Katherine Nadler - 4th
Women Cat 3/4 - Pat Murray - 5th
Junior Men 9-12 - Julian Munoz - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Cutierrez - 3rd
Junior Women 9-14 - Mariana Morales - 4th
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 5th

Carlsbad Grand Prix 7/17/2016
Men P/1/2 - Roger Ainslie - 8th
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 4th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 8th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 3rd
Women P/1/2/3 - Esther Walker - 4th
Women P/1/2/3 - Pat Murray - 8th
Women P/1/2/3 - Heather Odom - 9th
Women Cat 3/4 - Alex Reich - 7th
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 4th
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 10th

San Diego Criterium Series (BLGP, AGP, CGP) 7/17/2016
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Esther Walker – 2nd
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Kat Ellis -3rd
Junior Women 9-14 - Noelle Camanyag - 2nd
Junior Women 9-14 - Natalie Wang - 5th
Junior Women 9-14 - Karely Gutierrez - 8th
Junior Women 9-14 - Stella Hale - 10th

Cyclo-Vets Annual Classic Criterium 7/11/2016
Men P/1/2/3 - Eric Geier - 1st
Men P/1/2/3 - Logan Bass - 4th
Men Cat-3 - Mason Turvey - 2nd
Men Cat-3 - David Garcia - 3rd
Men Cat-3 - Jared Kukura - 5th
Men Cat-3 - Anthony Navarra - 7th
Men Cat-4 - Mike Green - 3rd
Men Cat-5 - Matt Tayaba - 3rd
Women Cat 1/2/3 - Kat Ellis - 1st
Women Master's 50-54 -Renee Robinson - 2nd
Women Omnium - Alex Reich - 4th
Women Master's 55-59 -Heather Odom - 1st
Women Master's 70-74 -Tricia Kimper - 1st

To report any errors or omisions contact your team race director. All race results are posted as received from the team directors.

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In this Issue - September 15, 2016

The fall Fiesta Island Time Trial Series starts in 10 days. Sign up early. If you need encouragement to participate read the article that explains why we time trial and why it is important.

The end of an era has come upon us. This Sunday will mark three years that Michael Pelkey has volunteered to organize the SDBC Sunday ride. Michael has determined that it is time for him to relinquish his role as the leader of this ride. A big thank you goes out to Michael for his diligence in keeping the ride going for as long as he did. His efforts have been greatly appreciated.

Volunteers are still needed to help prepare the velodrome for resurfacing this month and again after the resurfacing has been completed. See the report from the velodrome director for details.

The dates for the annual Borrego Springs ride and camp have been set. The notice is buried deep in this week's update so keep scrolling for more info.

Select a link on the left to see what else is happening in the weeks ahead.

Be sure to check our website and social media pages for more information.

2016 Fiesta Island Time Trial Series
FITTUC Cyclery

The fall session will include two dates starting in ten days. Start plannning now to establish a new personal record, beat your rivals, or dominate the field!

The remaining dates for the 2016 race series are availalbe for registration:

  • Sunday, September 25th
  • Sunday, November 6th

Register at:

UC Cyclery is our series title sponsor, which will provide onsite mechanical support and prizes.

UC Cyclery/SDBC Fiesta Island Time Trial Series

Find FITT on Facebook FITT on Facebook
Follow FITT on Twitter FITT on Twitter

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SDBC Sunday Ride
San Diego Bicycle Club
A Ride to Oceanside Harbor,
The Last Round Up!

The Three-Year Anniversary of the SDBC Sunday Ride is also the LAST Sunday Ride!

54.75 miles ~ Leaves UC Cyclery at 8:30, coffee stop at Nautical Bean in Oceanside Harbor, water stop at Java Depot upon return.

Bring two bottles of fluid and be ready to roll at 8:30. A group pic is typically taken and sent to all participants afterwards with a ride write-up.

Hope to see you.

For three years the Sunday Ride has provided an ongoing SDBC-sponsored additional/alternative day of riding to our world-famous Saturday Rides, which has brought attention to SDBC, and contributed to bringing new members to the club. SDBC kindly thanks all those that participated in leading, assisting, and riding on past Sundays.

Personally, I wish to thank SDBC members Ralph Nelson, Serge Issakov, and Tony Lowery for leading and assisting on numerous occasions. And thanks, too, to the cast of slowly evolving regular attendees, for their friendship, and for helping keep the group together: Rogelio Ramos, Steve Maki, Austin Croyet, Tom McCarthy, Armando Valencia, Kathy Uijtermerk, Reed Moore, Kevin Riggs, Carl Ebeling, Ken Leipper, Rao Callagulla, Nate Westwood, Mike Barreras, Dave Palmer, Melinda Medina, and Larry Moore.

Special appreciation to SDBC member Pat Murray for joining us and for her assistance in promotion early on.

And, to all those not mentioned, your camaraderie has been welcomed. SDBC may elect to stage another Sunday Ride series in the future. Thank you! It’s been an incredible ride!


* By joining this or any other SDBC ride, you acknowledge cycling is an inherently dangerous and potentially deadly activity. It is impossible for every rider to be kept safe against every potential mishap every second of the ride. By riding with SDBC you are giving your implied consent that you take responsibility for your own safety, and assume all liability for any incidents that might occur on our rides.

Michael  Pelkey
SDBC Sunday Ride Leader

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Time Trials
San Diego Bicycle Club
Why do we time trial and why is this discipline important?

Time Trial ability (the ability to produce, and more importantly sustain, high power production over a specified period of time) is a key element in racing success. Alone, battling wind and the elements, with no peloton for protection, builds strength and mental toughness. A look back through history shows us the best stage racers of all time were all exceptional Time Trialists.  Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Greg Lemond and Miguel Indurain.

Without Time Trial ability, a racer is always at the mercy of the peloton. Possessing no ability to sustain an attack off the front by themselves, nor even the strength to close multiple gaps left by weaker riders blowing up in front of them in high power situations. Thus, the racer is left to merely survive in the peloton. Always hyperactive, always nervous, and trying to pick wheels in the pack that they hope will not blow up in front of them. Constantly overly concerned and nervous about getting gaped and dropped. Never a factor in the race, nor really understanding the race dynamics that is unfolding in the front. Taking no real part in the race itself, merely surviving. Honestly, I cannot see how racing/riding like this is any fun at all.

On the other hand, a racer that has taken the time and developed solid Time Trialing ability, acquiring the strength to produce high power for long periods, the race unfolds in slow motion. No longer concerned about who might blow in front of them and leave ever widening gaps to close, the rider calmly closes any gaps with ease. Confidently, and with the ability to patrol the full length of the peloton if he so chooses. It is such a peaceful way to race. Picking and choosing the right moment to launch an attack, either solo, or with just the right combination of other strongman to compose the winning break. Always calm, always with plenty of firepower in reserve, never nervous, always part of the race and with the ability and strength to dictate its outcome. This is the way to race, this is fun.

Mike Barreras
Fiesta Island Time Trial Director

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A Note from the Velodrome Director
San Diego Bicycle Club
Volunteers Needed!

Any SDBC members that received the discounted rate for joining the velodrome via SDBC are liable for 2 volunteer days at the track. Here is your opportunity!

It's finally time to resurface the San Diego Velodrome. This project cannot be effectively completed without an extraordinary amount of help from the velodrome community. We ask all of you to come to these work days and help for facilities preparation, fence demolition, and fence rebuild.

Work days have been scheduled for:
* Sunday, Sep 11 @ 8 am

* Saturday, Sep 17 @ 8 am
* Sunday, Sep 18 @ 8 am
* TBD some time between Sep 24 and Oct 2

Resurfacing starts on Monday, Sep 19 and will take a few days. At this time, we cannot exactly determine the reassembly days after the resurfacing. We appreciate your flexibility in scheduling.

Although required tools will be supplied, having more can be helpful. If possible, please bring:

* Work gloves
* Weed whacker
* Tarp for hauling things around
* Sheers or pruning tools
* Rakes

Thanks for you hard work and commitment to making the San Diego Velodrome the best place to ride bikes in San Diego.

If you have any questions please contact the SDVA President, Mark Ainslie, at

SDVA link -

Some reminders:

Public hours are on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During this time ANYONE is invited to ride their bicycle (any bike) on the track. Please bring a helmet and be prepared to sign a waiver.

Members are allowed to ride only during Open Hours on the track. All scheduled events are noted on the calendar.

Motor Pacing is only allowed by SDVA approved coaches.

Victor Hupp
San Diego Velodrome Director

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Annual SDBC Borrego Springs Ride and Camp
San Diego Bicycle Club
November 19-20

Meet at the Mira Mesa Park and Ride (15 & Mira Mesa Blvd) at 7am to check in, load your camping gear into SAG vehicles and roll out at 7:30 for the 75 mile ride to Anza Borrego State Park, via Julian and Banner grade. We will camp at the Palm Canyon campground. SDBC provides dinner and breakfast, and all riders and campers are expected to help with meal prep, clean up and loading vehicles. The return ride on Sunday is up Montezuma Valley Road.

SAG support is limited to carting your camping gear to the campground,  unless you have your own personal arrangements with a driver. In other words, you are on your own to make the ride, legs up to the task, and a bike in good mechanical order. The group does not necessarily stick together.

SAG drivers are needed. No motor homes, as they are not allowed in a group site.

Call, text or email Linda to sign up. Limit 50 riders/campers. This event is free for SDBC members. Not a member? Join. If we charged for a weekend bike tour, it would certainly be more than membership.

619 806-1284

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A Note From the Clothing Director
Click for larger image
Jersey Front

2016 SDBC Kit Design

The 2016 SDBC Kit is now available and the Pactimo store is open. Click the images for larger views.

Click for larger image
Jersey Back
Click for larger image
Bib Front
Click for larger image
Bib Back

To access the Team Store from the club web site, click on Mebers, then SDBC Clothing, sign in with your email address and password, click on Order Uniform, and follow the directions. If this is the first time you have ordered clothing from Pactimo, you will need to create your personal account.

Please be sure of your sizing. Neither Pactimo nor SDBC can be held responsible if you order the wrong size. Use the following link to access the Pactimo Custom Clothing sizing chart.

Nick Jones
SDBC Clothing Director

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Please see the note in the left column for details regardging classified submission and run duration . If your item for sale has been removed and yu have not sold it you can re-submit your ad.

For Sale - Zipp 404 Speed Weaponry Front Wheel

Posted: 9/15/2016

Be ready for Fiesta Island TT series.  This wheel is in excellent condition.  

Zipp 404 Speed Weaponry Tubular Aero Front Wheel. Rim Tool dimpling technology. Vittoria Corsa EVO CX 23-25 tubular tire included. Excellent condition. Smoothest hub available. Very fast, 570 grams. Great TT or Triathlon wheel.  Ridden gently by 145 pound rider.  True and smooth.

Click for larger image Click for larger image

Contact: Robert Willcox

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For Sale - Triathlon/ TT Aero Helmet

Posted: 9/15/2016

Lazer Wasp Aero Helmet Lotto Team colors. 2 lenses, clear and tinted. Lightly used, good condition.  Save almost a minute in 40K TT.

Click for larger image Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Contact: Robert Willcox

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