My dear Sir,

     Since writing the enclosed, it had occurred to me, that the frank and candid opinion of me, whose trade is not ____, may be of service in correcting the false notions which prevail as to the temper and disposition of the Southern people. If you agree with me and think that any good can be accomplished by the publication of these views, you are at liberty to do so and I will be obliged to you to send me a copy of the paper.

     I see in your book, in “a new system of paper currency,” you say that at a future time you will attempt to define what is the “obligation of contracts,” p. 54—I have just written a dissenting opinion in the case which has been decided by our court of Errors, on the authority of Gyden [?] and Saunders [?] and if you have elaborated your views, I will be much obliged to you for a copy. I wish I had seen your book before the case was decided.

                                  My _____ _____,

A.  P. Aldrich [?]


Mr. Spooner