New York December 13th 1850


Lysander Spooner


Dear Sir,

     Your favor of the 9th _____ came duly to _____ (place). I am desirous of doing whatever I can to forward the views of yourself and of your friends in Boston in relation to a testimonial to yourself for your exertions on behalf of ______ _____. I am willing to accept the position you wish me to occupy provident such arrangements are that I have simply to execute ---to carry out a definite plan, and not to take upon myself the burden of both devising and executing, and provided I have such an allowance made me out of receipts as will fairly remunerate me for the time I expend. This last condition is one of necessity, not of choice. If I merely receive funds and disperse [?] them of course the burden will be slight, but if I take a prominent part in writing up the subject in the public press, it will be considerable. Let me hear from you as the matter matures and as to all particulars; before any public step is taken here.

                                  Yours with great esteem,

                                  Steven P. Andrews