Fall 2017 Newsletter

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and this year's scorching summer is coming to a close. That means prime planting time for many crops, so continue reading to find out what's new and popular this sowing season, and how Baglietto Seeds can help you reach your cultivation goals. 

It's that time of year again...

Here at Baglietto Seeds we're gearing up for another busy and exciting planting season. You too should be thinking about what crops you'd like to be getting in the ground and when.

Just as a reminder, generally for small grains it's best to wait until after the heat of summer subsides to prevent premature flowering. On the other hand, planting too late in the year when temperatures begin to drop and moisture levels increase could greatly decrease potential yields.

So what's the magic number? Aim to plant as early as possible after consistently cool temperatures have set in during the fall. This gives roots more time to establish with improved stooling over winter, pushing maturation off until spring when yields will be at their greatest.

Product Spotlight: New Dirkwin Wheat PVP

Our New Dirkwin provides growers with a completely awnless wheat option for both hay and silage. The plant’s fine stem and large head make for a great looking bale with high quality feed values, while it’s height and leafy structure add tonnage. To combat the ever pervasive rust issues in California, several rust resistant traits have been introduced to the plant, providing maximized protection for the grower. 

We chose New Dirkwin Wheat (PVP) as one of our spotlights this fall because of its ability to produce such an outstanding hay crop, both in quantity and quality, and we know that growers everywhere will appreciate and benefit from this very special selection. Click here to open this product on our website. 

What to expect this year's planting season

As many of us witnessed an unexpectedly wet winter last year, concerns for this year's conditions are more than warranted. Planting schedules were delayed and in some parts prevented entirely due to flooded fields and inaccessible properties, so one can only wonder, will the same thing happen again?

Baglietto Seeds knows what a critical role Mother Nature plays with timing, therefore we are constantly monitoring changes in weather patterns and adapting appropriately to weather forecasts. We highly advise all growers to be aware of expected conditions for their area and to prepare accordingly, with a plan of action established well in advance. 

Now is the time to ponder planting tactics. Avoid the last minute rush and anxiety by contacting us with any questions or orders you might have ahead of time.

Product Spotlight: BlueBale Forage Mixes

We couldn't be more excited to showcase another line of products that have proven to deliver, and that's our Baglietto Seeds original selection of BlueBale Forage Mixes. By combining BlueBale Oats (comprised of UC 113, 128, and 148 Oats [PVP])and our own New Dirkwin Wheat (PVP) we were able to maximize harvests for hay and silage. Average silage yields have exceeded 22 tons/acre, which translates to around 5 tons/acre for hay production.

Not only is the volume desirable, but the quality as well. Perfect for dairies, helping to manage waste products with efficient nitrogen uptake. When harvested in the boot stage it will provide a superb quality, high protein feed ideal for feeding directly or blending with other starch based components. Available in several high-yielding variations, including the addition of vetch, forage peas, or ryegrass, this lineup is sure to be a winner this planting season, easily earning itself a Spotlight position this fall. Click here to view on the website. 

Why and when should cover crops be used?

Cover crops are fundamental, sustainable tools used by farmers to manage soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, and diseases. Cover crops known as "green manure" are grown and incorporated (by tillage) into the soil before reaching full maturity, and are intended to improve soil fertility and quality.

Plant cover crops between orchard or vineyard rows, with no-till planting practices, or between main crop plantings as a fast-growing, quick-establishing source of soil revitalization. Mixes are typically comprised of easy to grow legumes and grains, with a combination that might include such components as triticale, vetch, faba beans, forage peas, oats, wheat, rye, barley, mustard, and radish.

Baglietto Seeds carries several types of premixed cover crop products, each targeted towards a particular need. Looking for a boost of Nitrogen in your soil? Try our SoilRite Nitrogen mix. Trying to improve soil structure? Use our SoilRite Compaction mix. These and others can be found on our website under the Cover Crops page. 

Ready to get planting?

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