Castilleja Continues to Ignore Neighborhood Plea for No Underground Garage

Instead of working with neighbors on a solution, Castilleja is forging ahead with their flawed plans for a massive underground garage and a 30% increase in enrollment, knowing that they are alienating the neighborhood for generations to come.

In May, 47 individual households within a two-block radius of the school signed statements opposing the garage. Castilleja has not responded. Instead, they have stepped up their PR efforts, recruiting students from the school to appeal to City Council. And they continue to promote the falsehood that they have listened to neighbors.

Please continue to write to City Council with your opposition, and attend meetings and speak out if you can find one Monday evening free.

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News in Review
Yard Signs Are Working. Want One?
The yard signs signs continue to be a very effective tool to communicate the widespread opposition to this unreasonable expansion. Please send us an email at to get a sign or to replace a stolen/vandalized sign.

Letters Published between Castilleja and City Manager/City Attorney
Castilleja shows their true colors by trying to blame the City and residents for delays in their destructive and divisive project. On May 23, the City Manager told Castilleja they must start reducing enrollment in the 2018-2019 year. Castilleja's response was that the City was "punishing the girls."

Palo Alto Weekly Editorial
June 16: "Castilleja's Unwise Stubborness".

Castilleja Misleads Planning Commission in Effort to Alter Setbacks Along Embarcadero Road
Castilleja falsely states that neighbors want the underground garage in a letter sent to the Planning Commission in support of the multiple variances they seek along Embarcadero Road. Castilleja also plans to alter the utility easement on Melville Avenue. Reducing the width of the easement threatens any future use for the neighborhood for sewer improvements, recycled water, and storm drain efficiency.

Neighbors Make it Clear: No Garage
In May, after a PA Weekly article where Castilleja's PR agency was quoted as saying that neighbors have "always insisted" on a garage, 47 individual households within a two-block radius of the school signed statements saying they are opposed to the underground garage. The school did not respond.
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Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
No date set for this yet, but expected in 2018.

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